Lincoln League Notes

Lincoln Rules Committee:

Gary Stratton

Cindy Henry

Andrea Trouba

Jen Fraser

Mike Kruger


Ben Faltys

Mark Goodrich

Substitute Rule

A team consists of four regular players (except 2 or 3 player leagues) and 1-6 subs. A 3 or 4 player team can add two players maximum to their roster on a given night.  A 2 player team can add one.  Regular players may shoot for their team only in that particular league division.  All divisions:  Subs can play for any team.

Sub Deadline

Subs used for Position Rounds, either of a team’s final two appearances (15-24 week season) or their final appearance (8-14 week season) must have previously played at least one league night that season for that team to be considered as an eligible sub within AE guidelines, unless a legitimate hardship arises.  Prior approval of AE is required.

Trophies for each team member will be given to the top 2 teams in all leagues.  1st Place only in leagues with 3 or 4 teams.  Individual Top Gun(s) based on PPD & MPR (75% of games played minimum). Tie-Breaker if tied in PPD or MPR will be highest SPRE.

Last place teams from Divisions with odd numbers will have a Position Round Bye. Standings will be based on win/loss percentage.

Nightly Fee

  • $8/player includes cost of games Open Cric-01
  • $10/player includes cost of games Open Doubles, COED Doubles, Trips
  • $12/player includes cost of games King Cobra
  • $13/player includes cost of games Super Doubles

Sanction Fee

  • $14/year.  Mandatory for all players. The year runs from September to August of the following year.

Registration Fee

  • 20 – 22 Week Season: $30/team;
  • 8 – 14 Week Season: $20/4 player team, $15/3 player team, $10/2 player team.

Free award pins will be distributed at the end of the season as requested by team captains on the Award Pin Request Form.