Kearney Foosball League Notes

Foosball Kearney League Notes

Nightly Fee:  $5 / Player + Cost of Games

Team Registration Fee:  $10

Sub Deadlines:  Subs used for a team’s Final Appearance must have played at least one league night that season for that team.  Hardships will be considered if you talk to AE in advance.

Plaques for the 1st Place Team & Top Gun Award for Top Individual Total Points and High Average (75% of games played minimum)

Foosball League Handicap System – Kearney

3 Player Teams.  Must have an A, B & C player playing each night.   Maximum Spot / Game: 2 points / Game

Your Individual Starting Handicap is based on your Kearney Skill Rating Group.

Individual Starting Handicaps: Group A (6), Group B (5) & Group C (4).  After you have played 2 times your Handicap will be based on your actual point per game average.

  • Substitute player rating or average will be unique to each team you play on.  You will start with your rating on each team you play on and it will change according to your performance on that particular team.
  • In Singles play, the player with the lower handicap receives the difference in the 2 players.  If the actual difference between the 2 players is .5 or higher it is rounded to the next whole number.
  • In Doubles play, the partners point / game averages are combined and divided by two.

If the actual difference between the 2 teams is .5 or higher it is rounded to the next whole number.

  • Doubles and Singles Handicap Spots will always be a whole number.
  • All games are played out to 7 points and then the handicap will be added in.  A tie after handicap is figured in will result in ½ win for each team..
  • Each partner gets credit for 1 win when they win a doubles game.
  • 1 team win is given for Total Series Points.  (Handicap not affected)
  • Your updated Handicap will be listed on the League Standings Sheet for your next match.