League Rules are based on National Dart Association Rules of Play


2.      No Kibitzing or harassment from players or spectators will be tolerated.  No foul or abuse language will be tolerated.  ANY PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AND THE PLAYER OR TEAM WILL BE EXPELLED FROM THE LEAGUE AND FORFEIT ALL WINS AND MONIES PAID.  Abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship, or any conduct that is detrimental to the welfare of AE Dart League may be grounds for forfeiture of a game, match, or expulsion from the league.  A machine tilt is loss of game.

3.      Players pay a nightly fee paid directly into dart board before match begins, plus the cost of the dart games.

4.      Individual sanction fees of $14 / person are paid once a year only (based on September 1 – August 31 of the following year.)  All players must be sanctioned (including all subs).  The money envelopes are for sanction fees not paid on line.  Contact AE to submit money.  There is a $10 charge on each returned check.

5.      Awards for each team member will be given to the top 2 teams for all leagues.  1st Place only in leagues with 3 or 4 teams.  Plaque for Individual Top Gun based on MPR & PPD (75% of games played minimum).  Tie breaker if tied in MPR or PPD will be highest SPRE.

6.      All schedules will be posted by the League Director.  Attention: all matches must be played in the location where they are scheduled.  The League Director is the only person that can authorize schedule changes.

7.      League Director may schedule a “make-up” upon mutual consent of both captains before the match.  This must be arranged with AE and matches must be made up before the next scheduled Position Round.  League Director’s decisions on these matters are final.

8.     Game time is set by the League Director and is posted on the season schedule.  Teams will have 15 minutes (regular time) to show.

9.     Teams will get one point per win.  Standings are based on games won.  If two or more teams are tied in wins, a Play-Off will be arranged by AE at a neutral site.  This situation is pertinent only if trophy position or championship is at stake.  If two teams tie for First Placea “co-championship” can be declared and duplicate trophies awarded if both teams agree.

10.     The total amount of the league fund minus expenses incurred will be paid back to each team on a per win / per loss basis assuming that the team has paid its fees.

11.     Free Award Pins are available by written request only.  The Award Pin Request Form can be found on line at the AE League website or contact the league office for a request form.  Each player is allowed one (1) pin per year (September-August) of each type unless otherwise noted on the form.

12.     Line-Ups: Home/Visitor must be selected in correct order.  Co-ed leagues must have male/female order.  Never shoot under a different players name.  We want correct stats.

13.     Entire match must be played with the same players once the match begins.  Games may also be played with a missing player – the vacant spot is passed and the total opening score will show throughout the game.

14.     A player released from one team wanting to play for another team within the same division must have WRITTEN PERMISSION from the team captain to play for another team before you shoot.

15.     ANY TEAM THAT FORFEITS A MATCH EITHER OF THE FINAL TWO WEEKS OF A SEASON WILL LOSE ½ OF THE PRIZE MONEY THEY WOULD HAVE WON.   Try to play the match at all costs.  Call AE for a hardship ruling to get a sub if after the sub deadline.  A make-up match must be scheduled before the match if both teams agree.

16.     Permanent Roster Additions or Changes: Call 402-477-9757 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM at least 24 hours prior to your match time so your changes will automatically appear on the machine.

17.     If the dart machine breaks down during your league match so that play cannot continue, do not mess with the machine as you may get out of league mode.  Call AE Service immediately and wait for the technician to show up.  After ten minutes the machine will display “League Play Has Been Interrupted”.  That screen will remain on until the service technician arrives and repairs the problem.  You will then need to push the correct button to continue league play.  If the machine resets the game that was interrupted you will replay that game.  Any machine reset due to intentional or non-intentional player action shall result in loss of game for the team committing the action.  Captains may NEVER move a match to a different location without League Director approval.

18.     A Rules Committee of three will be appointed by the league.  Their duty is to render decisions on protests, help run any league meetings, and aid in the organization of the league.

19.     Protest Procedure  a)  Authority to protest rests with the captain. b) Protest must be in writing and be presented to AE within 48 hours after the match. c) Protest shall include a $20 deposit.  Protestor loses the deposit if he/she loses the protest.  The $20 is placed in the league fund. If protestor wins, the deposit is returned.  d) AE will review the protest and confer with both team captains involved.  A meeting with the Rules Committee will be scheduled to resolve the protest if necessary.  e) The Rules Committee decision will be rendered in writing to the parties involved. Signatures by each party will be required at the time the decision is rendered to signify acceptance or rejection of the decision.  A non-signature is the same as acceptance.  If you reject the decision, you may appeal to the captains of your division, but this appeal must be accompanied with an additional $50.  A two-thirds majority vote is required to reverse a Rules Committee decision.  If you win your appeal, the $50 will be refunded.  Decision of league captains is final.  AE has the authority to disregard any protest not properly presented.

20.    Complete league and tournament rules of play are located in the Midwest Captain’s Guide.  Contact AE if you would like a copy of the rule book.  If a problem arises during your match it should be resolved by the two team captains.  If you can’t resolve the problem, call the League Director for a ruling (as a last resort) so that you can continue to play.